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  • Devin Beatrice

The World of Private Practice

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

If the post covid world has taught us anything it is that it is more than possible to have a greater work/life balance and still grow and nurture your career. The autonomy that working remotely has provided has given us a glimpse into what clinicians careers could be going forward and private practice could be the next frontier.

The healthcare system that one typically encounters in hospital settings offers stable income and leadership opportunities, there is no disputing this. But one aspect these organizations frequently miss on his perhaps the most important currency of all, time. Needed time away from work, needed time with your family and needed time for yourself will not only give you a more balanced life like most of us want, but also allow you to step back, reassess and provide a truly more focused patient care. Taking care of yourself is the first step in taking care of others and private practice affords you more time.

Mental Health is unique in its relationship to the current state of the healthcare world. As many of us know, mental health aliments skyrocketed during the pandemic and though at first glance it was devastating and detrimental to peoples well-beings, there was still a silver lining to be found.

Investment in mental health itself has been soaring. The pandemic made it so that mental health can no longer be ignored and that progression and investment will benefit not only the careers of those in the field but those suffering significantly. Investment into technology to make appointments more accessible to research and studies, the pandemic though during its height disastrous, finally proved to the world the value of investing in this previously neglected healthcare sector, and private practice may be one of the biggest benefactors in all of it.

Say that you truly enjoy all the aspects of the hospital, the patients, your peers, and the work environment. All incredibly valuable, but there are two crucial factors they just do not have in comparison to private practice and that is the freedom and innovation. The control you have over yourself and practice's dimensions. Having that autonomy, while simultaneously increasing your compensation can improve ways of life dramatically.

If more compensation is something that is high up on your list of priorities for your career, then private practice could be the avenue you take to get there. This data shows what the typical earnings are for a psychiatrist on Long Island in a hospital setting vs private practice. Of course there are still those who love the hospital setting, but still have that earning for freedom and innovation and there lies the beauty of private practice. The ability to create ones hours and base them off your life and if you still choose to include the hospital setting in your life, private practice can be molded to fit your lifestyle.

Creating a private practice on Long Island does not come without a few challenges, that is where Island Practice Management comes in. The companies objective is to help develop/start, grow and market ones private practice while the clinician focuses on their patients care. All for a subscription based fee. From the marketing and creating of the practices logo to handling intake for patients. The administrative hassles that even private practice can find itself in are absolved from as we handle your administrative operations.

Developing one's private practice on Long Island is not exclusive to just those looking for a better work-life balance. They are for the innovators, the grinders, and most importantly, the kind clinicians who can have more of a direct impact and watch the progression of their patients.

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