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Therapy Session

Our Mission

Therapy Session

Our mission is to reduce the management barriers for private mental health practitioners and small private practice owners so they are free to focus on quality patient care. 

Our Philosophy and Approach

We have found that cutting edge digital workflows and innovative staff training methods are the two pillars that enable optimized mental health practice management.  Honing these processes has propelled our ability to support practitioners who invest in and deeply care about their craft. In the end, this services the greater vision that underpins our efforts and inspires us: to expand access to quality mental health access across the state.  


We believe that practitioners in isolation feel a higher level of stress and quality constraints than those who have a team of supportive professionals behind them. Working alone or with outsourced companies can limit a practices' scope and the clinician's ability to advance their methods and focus on patient care.

By providing practice management we also increase the collaborative network of mental health practitioners, giving them access to an affiliate group of practitioners in a variety of disciplines without losing their autonomy.

How we help you achieve Success in the field. 

Our practice management firm does not mimic online companies that use call centers and basic electronic services from a rote business model. Ours is a highly specialized and individualized approach that supports your practice with the same care and attention that we brought to our own original clinical entity.

Our case managers tailor their approach to the way you want your practice.  There is no "one-size-fits-all" model.  Each service area is further customized with a face-to-face meeting, keeping you in full control of your practice while relieving the obstacles you face.

Our Team

randall .jpg

Randall Solomon, MD

CEO / Founder

Dr. Solomon has been in clinical practice for over 30 years and is expanding the breadth of his practice to make mental health care more accessible, equitable, and effective. From his own personal experience in private practice, he is fully versed on the pain points clinicians face. He leads with a passion and conviction to create a refreshing environment for new clients, enabling growth, connection, and professional freedom for their private practices.


Jessica Miller.jpg

Jessica Miller 

Human Resources and VP of Development

Jessica's combined experience both clinically and with human resources expands over multiple settings and various populations. At Island Practice Management, Jessica works exclusively as a consultant and supports all areas of human resources and hiring. Jessica additionally assists with new client acquisition and is excited to share her enthusiasm and be involved with growth by meeting with new clinicians interested in client services or rental space. 

dan headshot .jpg

Daniel Solomon

General Manager

Since graduating Boston University Dan has gained experience in a wide variety of industries, including hospitality (Maison Harlem), Ed-Tech (sales at UBTech),  K-12 education (Notre Dame High School) and arts entertainment (Alabama Shakespeare Festival.) Dan attributes his leadership skills to his eclectic background and is always finding ways to incorporate creativity into the team's collaborative efforts. He is grateful for the opportunity to service such talented mental health professionals and is passionate about expanding Long Island resident's access to quality care.  


Cyndy Headshot.jpg

Cyndy Adams

HR Director

After graduating from SUNY Stony Brook in 1990, I established a private practice on Long Island. My primary focus has always been relationship issues. About 20 years ago, I began incorporating an understanding of how and why the brain functions as it does. When we have an understanding of our brain (and the brain of our partner), we can significantly increase the likelihood of getting what we want in our relationships. This additional emphasis has enabled me to help my clients gain better understanding and increased mastery in their lives and relationships.


During my career, I have also developed a specialty in Anxiety Treatment, and have found that my education about how the brain functions is often helpful in treating this condition as well. I have additionally had success treating people with a model that incorporates several clinical theories including, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems Therapy.


Jack Malone

Intake Specialist

Jack found his passion for mental health during his undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware. Originally a music major, Jack switched his focus to psychology during his junior year and is now studying to receive his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University. As Intake Specialist, Jack makes sure all prospective patients are met with his compassion and empathy when taking their first steps toward treatment. Outside of work, Jack enjoys reading, listening to music, and competes in a competitive dodgeball league.

JP Headshot Edited.jpg

Jessica Coscetta 

Executive Assistant to Leadership 

Jessica “JP” graduated from St. Joseph’s College with her M.B.A. in Health Care Management. She is a big believer in going the extra mile in her work. Jessica’s passion working with the mental health community grew during her past experiences supporting teens who struggle with substance use disorders and providing food, clothes, job search assistance, and educational resources to those who struggle with their mental health. Her blend of creativity, empathy, and experience continues to grow in this field.


Ruiting Li

TMS Tech and Patient Engagement Specialist

Ruiting recently graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Biology and is on the Pre-PA track. She is currently taking a gap year to prepare for PA school applications and gain clinical hours. She has a passion for mental heath as she was apart of The Humanology Project, a organization on campus aiming to destigmatize mental health. She has always had an interest in helping others and her community. Throughout the years, she joined many volunteer organizations and volunteered at New York Presbyterian Hospital. At Island Psychiatry, she enjoys engaging with patients and providing a welcoming atmosphere for patients. Currently, she is training to become a TMS Technician at Island Psychiatry. Outside of Island Psychiatry, she enjoys volunteering at Port Jefferson EMS, cooking, and traveling with friends.


Patient Engagement Specialist

Arlayna is an undergraduate student at Adelphi University, actively pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and concurrently holding membership in the NSNA. With a profound interest in healthcare, she leveraged an opportunity to work in a nursing home in Norway, gaining a global perspective on healthcare dynamics. Post-graduation, Arlayna aspires to further her education, aiming for a Master’s degree in Nursing to support her long-term goal of becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). Rooted in a passion for holistic well-being, she believes that true health encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual alignment, transcending mere physical health. Outside her academic pursuits, she finds her time spent at the beach, reading books, and cherishes quality time with her two dogs and loved ones.

"I have experienced working for large institutions in hospital settings, and though I had valued my time at these positions, the centered patient care for my patients and autonomy Island Practice Management has provided has been nothing but the best quality service I have encountered."

Chris Karampahthsis, MD

Sandie Headshot.jpg

Sandra Buscarino 

Billing Specialist

Sandra comes to Island Psychiatry after having left the workforce to raise five children. In addition to her background in insurance, she brings her compassion and empathy, working to ensure the highest reimbursements for patients seeking mental health treatment, especially during their most vulnerable times of need. 

Alyssa Headshot.JPG

Alyssa Buttigieg

Director of Specialty Services

Alyssa graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in psychology and is on the pre-medical track. She has always had a genuine passion for helping others and a desire to work in the medical field. Before joining the team at Island Practice Management, she held positions as the outreach coordinator of The Social Competence and Treatment Lab at Stony Brook University, a Direct Support Professional at YAI, and an executive board member of the Stony Brook student chapter of Doctors Without Borders. Having been exposed to a variety of medical professions and working extensively in the mental health field, Alyssa is confident that she wishes to pursue a career in psychiatry herself. She greatly enjoys working as a TMS technician and the Director of Specialty Services and looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of her patients.


Subika Jafri

Executive Assistant to Consultations

Subika has always had a passion for psychology and understanding how the mind works. While taking various courses throughout her undergraduate studies, she became increasingly interested in the importance of mental health and how it can affect one's life. She graduated cum laude in May of 2022 from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor's in psychology and sociology and a minor in writing and rhetoric. She plans to pursue her Master's in social work and eventually become a licensed forensic social worker, preferably for juvenile justice reform and incarcerated individuals. She is eager to learn and familiarize herself with the mental health environment that focuses on improving one’s life, health, and happiness. She also hopes to work towards destigmatizing mental health issues in minority communities with the goal of having and encouraging open discussions on the topic.


Nick Carter

Director of Psychological Testing / Bookkeeper

With a wide variety of skills and expertise Nick is uniquely suited to work in Business Development. After graduating from Boston University, Nick developed a passion for the arts, working as an actor and theatre arts educator in the greater Boston area. Two years later, he moved to New York full time, where he continues to pursue his artistic endeavors in addition to working at IPM. His strong interpersonal skills and passion for mental health make him an excellent addition to the team. 


Mariam Morcos

Intake and Patient Engagement Specialist

Mariam enjoys working at Island Practice Management, gaining experience  connecting with patients of various ages from children to adults, and helping them with what they need. Mariam  is a college student currently  pursing a Pre-med track with a Health Science concentration with aspirations to one day become a psychiatrist. Mariam is a member of the Watsi club at Stony Brook University where she participates in raising money to help people who seek medical attention and can’t afford it. During her free time, Mariam likes to spend time trying new foods and exploring new places.


Patient Engagement Specialist

Elza is a student at Stony Brook University pursuing a degree in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology and Health and Science in Sociology. She has always had a passion for helping both humans and animals, wishing to pursue a career in social work while continuing her volunteer work at various cat shelters and rescue centers. Elza has a passion for helping those that cannot advocate for themselves. She pushes to have mental health become more accessible and hopes to be able to improve the system in order to better account for those who need someone to have their back. If ever you find yourself needing a fluffy companion - or just a kitty to cuddle - you can find Elza and tons of cats at Golden Paw Society!"


Patient Engagement Specialist

Tanisha Meachum has been a dedicated and meticulous administrative professional in the healthcare field since 2014. With a passion for helping patients, Tanisha ensures that every interaction is handled with care and precision. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to our team, as she strives to make each patient's experience as smooth and positive as possible.


Patient Engagement Specialist

Jessica has always enjoyed working as a part of a team to ensure the best experiences for those around her and she enjoys finding creative and practical solutions to problems. Jessica's professional and personal experience has allowed her to further develop her passion for ensuring everyone is treated fairly and accommodated however needed to be given the greatest chance of success. Jessica spends much of her free time at music concerts, reading, and practicing art.

Interested In Joining Our Team?

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