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Managing your private mental health practice

So you can focus on quality patient care

Why Work with Us ? 

We built our managed service organization with a particular client in mind: an expert mental health clinician in the New York area. One who desires the freedom and independence that private practice offers... without the administrative barriers that it imposes.

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Clean, uplifting, and focused: these three elements are the signposts that guide our marketing specialists in showcasing your business model. A minimal and sophisticated design approach stands out in a field that often lags behind when it comes to front facing advertising materials. 


Our approach combines an emphasis on warm personal touch with the strict implementation of robust automation and digital customer management programs. This balance provides patients and providers with clear expectations and ease of mind, and maximizes quality in-session time.  

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Billing Services

Many understand that medical billing poses unique challenges. But few realize the additional  complexities that billing for mental health services pose. IPM has been there; and has honed uniquely streamlined processes that cater to the specialty, bringing you higher returns across the board for the work you put in.

Who we are

Island Practice Management LLC

We are extremely motivated to provide access to a higher quality of mental health care. At Island Practice Management we remove practitioner barriers to increase time spent on patient care in a local personalized way


Intake Services

The bridge between patient and practice, the expertise of an intake team is essential to develop a thriving clinical entity.  Our intake specialist training process ensures airtight office policy precedents and expert 'patient matching' that connects you with the population that best fits your talent and training.  

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